An unknown number is ringing – what to do?

Certainly you have not once contacted an unwanted phone from an unknown number. Each of us is well aware of this problem because each of us has our own mobile phone. Why are we still the target of attacks from fraudsters or intrusive telemarketers. Sometimes, however, it may be possible to phone a long-lost friend who changed the number and would like to tell you about it. Such pleasant surprises, however, happen rarely, because most often the person on the other side of the handset will want to sell you a product or service. Will it be necessary for you? Of course not. Despite the fact that such phones can really be angry, remember that telemarketers are not the only people who can call. This is not even the worst option – in the end, you can call to the phone you pull, which is not missing, or even anonymous pursuer. For this reason, it is better to protect yourself from unwanted connections and follow our instructions. They are designed to protect you from the situation in which you have to stress the unknown connections.

who called me

Certainly not once met the situation in which your phone rang and you knew about it, but for some reason you could not pick up. Maybe the phone just landed on the very bottom of the bag and you can not find it, or you are in an important meeting where you can not pick up, that’s why you have mute your phone. However, when you reach for him after the meeting you will see a missed call from a number that you do not know. What are you doing then? Surely you will want to call back to the number and theoretically there is nothing wrong with that. We are all interested in who called us, but it is always better to get acquainted with the sender. Why do we recommend it? Calling back to unknown numbers can be very dangerous. We are particularly vulnerable to attacks by telephone fraudsters. How do you find out about the scam? This will happen when you see your phone bill, which will certainly not be small.

Will you agree now that it’s better for a regular telemarketer to call you? These types of connections are usually annoying to us, but they are not dangerous. All you need to do is politely thank the interlocutors or even disconnect after a moment without a word. The only threat that awaits us is a reckless purchase. Remember, however, that by law you can return any item purchased within two weeks or longer. It often happens that telemarketing companies call from restricted numbers or those that resemble a regular mobile number. That’s why we often take it away.


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