What is the source of deaf phones?

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Are you still struggling with persistent deaf phones that come from unknown numbers? Do not worry – you are not alone with this problem. Although such situations may be a real nuisance, there are ways to deal with them. Unwanted phones are a real plague, so you have the opportunity to block an unknown number – how much can you do? There may be plenty of such numbers. Your next option is to report the harassing number to the appropriate security services, such as the police. Thanks to this, you can easily check the sender of unwanted phones and react in the future.
Sometimes it happens that deaf phones occur once a week or even less frequently – this situation is not a big problem. However, it starts to get uncomfortable when such calls come to us several times a day. Of course, it may happen that we decide to receive such a telephone. What will we hear in the handset? Probably the silence or well-known music that promises a connection with a telemarketer.

These types of connections are usually generated automatically via a computer. This is done by a marketing company – specialists in its field. It is they who make the music play in our handset, which seems to have no end. It is possible that this is a connection setup error and the fault lies with the person calling you. If the telemarketing company’s server works well, after a few seconds we should be connected to the employee. However, if only the music is heard in the headset, it means that no one has the time to talk to you or leave the workplace. Sometimes the connection system generates more than one connection at a time – that’s why you can get a deaf phone so often.

We do not know if you were aware of the fact that such conduct is illegal and you can legally fight it? In a situation where deaf phones are really frequent and you have enough of such situations, take the appropriate steps. First and foremost, you should record the signal you hear after picking up the handset – this is evidence in the case. Typically, phones have a built-in voice recorder, so it’s not difficult to do so. The recording can be sent to people dealing with consumer rights – such an institution will deal with people who are harassing you. You can also look for the guilty party on your own. You will need a page where you can find a convenient phone number search engine. This is where hundreds of users share their valuable knowledge with others. Maybe this is where you’ll find information on the people you are interested in – it’s worth a try because it does not cost a lot.